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Happy Teeth Dental Practice

29 Monnow Street


NP25 3EF

01600 716815


We offer a full range of routine dental treatments including  examinations, xrays, scale and polish, white fillings, crowns, dentures, sports mouthguards and root canal treatments. We also offer cosmetic treatments including teeth whitening and veneers. We comply to all the latest regulations regarding cross-infection and First aid, as your safety is of the utmost importance to us.



                                                The preventative approach of the practice is of great importance to us and we have a Hygienist who can scale and polish your

                                                teeth and offer advice on oral health care. If your teeth are particularly sensitive our Hygienist can advise you on ways to ensure

                                                your treatment is comfortable.

                                               We are the only practice in town to also have an Oral Health Educator, who is trained to give help with brushing, diet,

                                               prevention of decay and other aspects of your oral health, including smoking cessation. Children have appointments twice a

                                               year as part of their preventative plan.



                                               Children are treated for free under the age of 4 years and then enter our dental plan, which includes biannual examinations,

                                               topical fluoride application and visits to the Oral Health Educator to ensure that they have the best advice and preventative care




                                                Nervous Patients

                                                Happy Teeth especially welcomes anxious patients.

                                                We understand that many people are nervous about visiting the dentist and we will make extra time available to discuss your

                                                fears and concerns. We endeavour to ensure that treatments are carried out in a relaxed, friendly, caring atmosphere.

                                               We appreciate it may have been several years since your last dental visit and we hope that with our kind attention you will

                                                become a regular attender once again.






                                             Cosmetic treatment

                                             We pride ourselves on the aesthetics of our work and offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments including veneers and tooth                        

                                             whitening to restore your smile. Many of our clients want to see the youthful effects of having their teeth brightened. We get  

                                             excellent results using our home tray whitening system Philips Zoom Nite White.

                                            We routinely use tooth-coloured fillings on all our adults and children.






                                            Flexible Dentures

                                            Nobody needs to know you have missing teeth. We provide the latest Valplast flexible dentures. These are virtually invisible,

                                            lightweight, comfortable, natural looking dentures. They have a lifetime guarantee against breakage of the flexible denture  

                                            parts.The loss of natural teeth is never a pleasant experience and can result in the loss of a smile and self-conciousness. A

                                            flexible Valplast denture may help restore your smile with an affordable solution. The advantage of the flexibility means that the

                                           denture can be much smaller than their traditional counterparts. A small side plate can be used as a non-invasive, affordable

                                           alternative to a fixed bridge or implant. Valplast dentures are metal free, do not require any preparation of the teeth, do not  

                                           contain the chemicals found in normal plastic dentures and are hypoallergenic.




We have emergency appointments available every day and it is our aim to see every emergency patient on the day they call. We have an out of hours emergency rota also available to registered patients. Please call the practice for the out of hours number.

We are also happy to see Denplan registered patients for an emergency appointment if they are away from home. Please call Denplan first on 0800 844 999.

For our Denplan registered patients, if you have a dental emergency and are 40 miles or more away from home please call 0800 844999 for immediate assistance.



You are welcome to pay for your treatment as it is carried out or we can also offer several Denplan schemes which allows dental care to be budgeted for on a monthly basis. All our patients are provided with a written estimate of the treatment costs and we are always happy to discuss this with you.

See the prices page for more information.



All of our treatments are carried out to the standards set by the General Dental Council and all of our clinical staff are registered. We work very hard to provide a high quality, private dental service to our patients and we hope you are always happy with the care you receive from Happy Teeth.


If you have any complaints please contact the practice by email, phone or letter.

It is our aim to resolve a complaint within 10 working days. If you are still not happy and would like to take things further, you may contact The Dental Complaints organisation or HIW