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Basic Fee Guide For Private Treatment



New Patient Assessment - Adult                   £56

New Patient Assessment - Child                   £30 (not payable if joining Denplan at first visit)

Routine Examination - Adult                         £40.50

Routine Examination - Child                         £20  (under 4 years free)



Small intra-oral                                               £15.50

Pan-oral (whole mouth)                                 £50


Dental Hygiene

Scale and polish                                            £49.50

Oral Health Education                                   £27


Preventative Measures

Mouth guard (single colour)                         £73

                   ( multi-colour)                            £90

Fissure Sealants                                           £18 per tooth

Topical Fluoride                                            £18.50



White fillings dependent on size                From £85 to max £162

and complexity

Childrens teeth                                             £50



Dependent on materials used                    From £555 to max £602


Veneers                                                        £520



Dependent on material used                     From £555 to max £602 per unit


Root Canal Treatment

Prices per root canal not inc.

restoration                                                  From £215 to max £540



Simple extractions                                      £110

Complicated extractions                            To max £200

Orthodontic extractions                              £75



Partial Denture

Dependent on size and materials               From £675 to £890 max

Full Upper and Lower Dentures                  £1015


Whitening Systems

Illumine tray whitening                                £260

Additional syringes (2)                                 £62


These prices are intended as a guide only and you will need to discuss the final cost with your clinician.

We ask for payment as you have your treatment and accept cash and all major credit and debit cards.